Sleeping Beauty

You can see numbers here and here.

By usual gaming “FPS Is God” standards and settings, this card stinks.

It doesn’t beat GF4s.

It often doesn’t even beat GF3s.

By today’s standards, it’s asleep, if not comatose.

It’s only when you go to very high resolutions and crank up antialiasing to the max that it rules, but it’s ruling the Land of The Cripples. It wins at levels where the frame rate are so low, the games would be practically if not completely unplayable anyway.

The spin looks to be “Oh, but the picture quality is better,” and there may even be something to that. There had better be something to that.

Well, then at best, you get yourself a good-looking GF3 for $400.

I don’t know about you, but for $400, I think most people want something not only good-looking, but fast.

I think it would be better to let Matrox work some more on the fast part.

Supposedly, the superdeluxe model is supposed to crank the GPU up a lot more. If you’re interested in this, I would at least wait until that happened in the hope of overclocking the GPU of the more moderately priced ones.


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