Slotket Sorrow

I bought a generic slotket. Here is a picture of it:


This is a newer generic slocket, so it is supposed to support FC-PGA as well as PPGA. There
are NO adjustments anywhere – everything works via autodetect.

Or does it?

At the top right corner of the slocket is a three hole (could
have been a three pin jumper on a mobo had they placed the pins
in place) doodad where the center hole is soldered with a wire to the left
hole (like a pin 1 to pin 2 jumper and is labeled “Auto”).

The third pin on the right has nothing soldered to it, just an empty solder filled hole (with
the label “OverClock”).

I am thinking about cutting the wire from pin1 to pin2, and re-soldering it
from pin2 to pin3 – to hopefully turn on Off the CPU auto detect to get the
celeron to post at 100mhz??

Should I attempt this? Have you heard of anyone
else with Generic slockets doing this??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course, I could just break down and spend the $20 to get a
decent MSI6905 slocket, but I’m curious to see if I don’t have to.

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