Smells Like Team Spirit

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            So, you visit and
read the front page, perhaps mess around at in the (surprise
surprise) forums there. What else is there to do here? Quite a bit actually.

            There are currently three active teams just now if you fancy getting together with fellow
overclockers, contributing some time to science, benching your rig, and doing
some smack talking in the process. Sound like fun? Read on…

            The SETI and BOINC
team participate in the BOINC distributed computing project. There are a range
of projects to choose from. From the classic favorite SETI, which investigates
signals from space giving insight not just into the possible existence of little
green men, but on many matters of the universe we are in. If that doesn’tdocentyour fancy, check out [email protected] (searching for gravitational waves),
Climate Prediction (investigating changes to our climate) or many of the other
projects on offer.

            BOINC uses only spare CPU time to
process packets of work it downloads from servers over the internet (no
personal data is involved in this stage of data transfer) to process chunks of
data regarding the BOINC projects. Once it has finished, the work is sent back
and the computer receives more work.

BOINC Links:

BOINC website:

SETI/BOINC ForumSectionn:
[email protected] Team (team 32)

            Like SETI and BOINC, [email protected]
(often referred to as “folding” or “fah”) is a distributed computing project.
Computers participating in the project download a small protein sequence and
use spare CPU cycles to simulate the process by which the proteins “fold”, when
they assemble into the shape that makes them do their job. When the protein
folding does not go as it should, proteins have the wrong shape and cannot do
their job. This can cause many conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases,
cancer, and so forth. By understanding the process of protein folding
Stanford University hope to better understand the diseases that
protein misfolding can cause.

FaH Links:

[email protected] website:

[email protected] statistics:

[email protected] team forum:


Overclockers 3DMark team

            The 3DMark
team differ from the previous two teams as they are not a distributed computing
project. 3DMark is a benchmarking suite which, when run, simulates the effect
of running a demanding computer game on the computer in question. This allows
you to gain a score, indicating how fast or slow your PC is for gaming. If you
want to push things to the limit and see how high you can push your 3dmark
score then check out this teams.

3DMark Team Links:

3DMark team website:

3DMark website:

3DMark forum section:

Any questions or comments feel free to shoot me an email, or
ask in the relevant forum section!

David Nelson
Forums Senior Member
FaH Team 32 Co-leader