Socket A Slotket?

Andreas Muller wrote:

I woke up in the middle of the night and had an idea: what about a connector like the NEO370?

I thought that this little Thing should be able to disconnect the Duron from the motherboard and instead give the board the needed Information for the SIP (serial initialization packet). . . .

So – do you have an idea how to bring my idea to fruition? Maybe you’ll post this somewhere 🙂

First, all this futzing around with connecting dip switches to motherboards is just a temporary phenomenon because the mobos that will have the dip switches for this aren’t out yet.

Per an adapter, maybe for one part, no for another (but that’s not a big deal “no”).

There’s two issues right now:

    1) Get a motherboard override to work at all.

    2) Get an override to overclock without changing the CPU.

1) AMD’s “lock” is almost certainly breaking connections at the L1 bridges. These bridges connect between the processor and any motherboard override. It’s very unlikely an adapter could get around that break. On the other hand, all you have to do to “unlock” that is take a conductive ink pen to the L1 bridges and reconnect them. This works, and is nothing.

2) Right now, no one seems able to set the multiplier without breaking the circuit traces on the CPU. They have shown the machine will work if you break them, and here’s where your adapter is a good idea. All it would have to do is not connect those traces. This presumes motherboards like the Abit KT7 and Asus A7V can’t provide a fix for this.

Something for the slotket/Golden Fingers manufacturers to consider.

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