Socket Lug Repair

I just busted my rear Socket370 of my BP6. %*&(&@!!(*^%!)%&!!!

I didn’t file enough off the fins of my Golden Orb to clear the caps and, using excess torque, I snapped off the rear heatsink mounting tab. NOW what am I gonna do?

After review several options, I decided on KISS. I grabbed some 0.052 music wire (although a bit smaller/larger will work just fine) out of my junk pile, and after several iterations, came out with this design to replace the rear tab on CPU 2 of the BP6. This will only work if your mobo is using the adjacent mounting screw to hold the mobo to the chassis (most likely).


I use this bolt as an anchor for a wire tab-replacement which snaps under the secondary tab for vertical alignment and extra support. Take your time and use a bench vise if you can – it’s invaluable for making the really tight loop that replaces the tab. Don’t bother trying to make a “U” shape – you’ll just break the wire, so keep going around in a loop as the replacement tab shape.

To mount your heatsink using this, you’ll most likely have to put the tab in the heatsink mount hole, lower the works onto the motherboard, and THEN screw it in place. Use a screwdriver to push the other end under the auxiliary tab, and you’ll have a replacement that is easily as strong as the original.

Here’s a tip: if you can’t easily take the whole motherboard/mounting tray out of your case, just take out the power supply out. It’ll give you enough clearance to mess around in this particularly tight spot on the BP6.

Hope this relieves some stress to fellow BP6-tab-snapper idiots…

Dave Hrynkiw

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