Soltek Slotket Voltage Hack

My Setup:

  • CASE: I have an EAGLE tooless case, with TWO 80MM INTAKE FANS at the bottom, TWO 80MM EXHAUST FANS at the top.
    POWER SUPPLY: 450 WATT SERVER, (the better to run Peltiers with my friend…..) It has TWO 80MM FANS of its own- one sucking heat from just above my Intel 500 E chip (overclocked to 750 Mhz and 1.60 V-Core), and one expelling it outside my case.

  • MOTHERBOARD: My current foundation is an ASUS P3V4X.
  • PROCESSOR: I use a ALPHA HEAT SINK AND FAN on my 500E CHIP which runs at 48 deg.C under 100% CPU load.
  • HARD DRIVES: I use 2 WESTERN DIGITAL EXPRESS 9.1 GIG hard drives currently running in RAID (0), striped formation.
  • MEMORY: I employ a single stick of MUSHKIN PC 133 HSDRAM.
  • GRAPHICS CARD: I’m currently using an ASUS DDR GEFORCE with my INTEL HEAT SINK AND FAN attached to it’s Graphics processing unit.
  • SOUND CARD: Music arrives to my ears from a MONSTER MX 300 sound card attach to 4 CAMBRIDGE SATELLITES AND SUBWOOFER.

This is hardly a new hack and certainly not original with me. But it should come as a welcome one to Asus P3V4X users, so I thought I’d bring it to mind. This single hack reduced my idle temp by 11C (to 27-28C) and by 10C (to 32-43C) under 100% load running Seti@home.

I’m using a Soltex SL-02A+ slotket, but from the posts I’ve read this should work with any slotket designed to run the Cumines. Set your Voltage select to 130 and set your basic Slotkit JP9 to 133MHz. Replace your slotket. Enter BIOS and you will find that you now have 1.30, 1.35, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50, 1.55, 1.60, and 1.65 possible settings under V-Core voltage settings – take your pick. I’m using 1.35, won’t boot 1.30

If you receive an error (usually at 1.35 and below) go into “Power” and then “HardWare Monitoring” and select “ignore for V-Core”. This just disables the warning message and the boot “stop on error” for this item. Reboot and check your temps – this is pleasing is it not? I’ve done a pretty thorough check with Unreal Tournament, Norton, SiSoft and everything’s fine, just cool, cool, cool!

This can be used by the depraved and morally unsound to increase their overclocking capabilities, but people of sound character need not be deterred by this….besides I only went from 750 to 775! Completely stable! EXCEPT for @%@#^ Unreal tournament!! Loads and plays beautifully for about three minutes, then a frozen death. What, you don’t play UT and you’re a degenerate? Then go for it! Is anyone else thinking Peltier for my video card here?

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