Some Answers, Some New Questions

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We’ve gotten a look at that recent AMD roadmap which is apparently now circulating.

It basically says the following:

1) We’ll definitely see AMD eventually go to DDR2, and use a new socket to do so. Tentative date is sometime early in 2006. There are two items of interest that can be gleaned from this. First, AMD will stop this multiple socket nonsense in 2006; all processors will use socket M2. Second, AMD isn’t promising anything in 65nm for at least the first half of 2006.

2) The roadmap says there isn’t going to be a 90nm “real” socket 754 Hammer. Only Semprons will have a 90nm incarnation. Curiously, the roadmap says that 90nm Semprons showed up last year, though the first ones were just sighted.

3) The roadmap says that the next major revision of the Hammer product line will include SSE3 across the board. However, it does not indicate whether or not items like strained silicon will show up then or before then. The roadmap just says that “samples” of CPUs codenamed “San Diego” “Venice” and “Palermo” will be available the first half of 2005. This implies a delay, because the processors were supposed to be out 2Q 2005.

We’ll continue to watch and wait.



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