Some Fine Tuned Price Changes

The Inquirer has some updated price roadmaps for Intel chips.

Actually, with one small exception, it’s really no change at all from what was previously expected.

A while back, we gave you estimated price roadmaps for the rest of the year, and the basic pattern continues to hold true.

Just change “May 15” to “June 20” and “September 1” to “August 22” and you have an up-to-date price roadmap.

The one small exception is the pricing for the 2.8GHz Prescott. It (along with the Athlon 64 2800+) will drop $15 in price to $163 on July 18, not September 1.

It goes to show that Intel does have a set pattern for pricing that they usually follow, and even when they break it, even the breaking part is pretty predictable (i.e., they just push up the next scheduled price cut a bit).

Since AMD has been following in lockstep with Intel when it comes to pricing Hammers, we can easily predict what AMD’s prices will be, too (until they stop doing that, which probably won’t be for awhile).


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