Some Good Athlon64 News

Ace’s Hardware has done a little translation work from a Japanese website.

The two more interesting pieces of information in it are:

  • AMD appears to now be able to get at least some Athlon64s to run as quickly as regular Athlons due to a new revision and
  • 90nm (but not 130nm) “big” Athlon64s will accommodate dual-channel DDR, but little (both 130nm or 90nm) Athlon64s won’t.

    Finding The Cloud Behind the Silver Lining

    In one sense, these items are good news, but the second item raises a cloud over both.

    Cost permitting, most AMDers are going to want that 90nm 1Mb dual-DDR CPU, and it’s good something like that will available.

    But what about the mobos?

    Can socket 754 handle dual-channel memory or not?

    If it can, it doesn’t seem like the initial mobos that will come out for the Athlon64s will provide for dual DDR. If someone buys an initial Athlon64 and mobo, looks like they’ll have to buy another mobo later on.

    If it can’t, then what are they? Are they really single/dual socket 940 Opterons called Athlon64s? If that’s the case, then people can’t plan to start off with an Athlon64Jr, then graduate to a “big” one.

    Obviously, we don’t need these answers quite this moment, but by the time we actually see Athlon64s, those of us who like to plan a bit certainly would.


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