Somewhere, Out There . . .

If you want to know about K10 performance, here is a very interesting blurb.

We saw some documents (bolded print our emphasis) that shows that AMD’s Phenom X4 is wining over the K8 X2 dual core marchitecture in games, next generation games, video encoding and decoding and finally rendering.”

The key infonugget is not that a K10 quadcore beats an X2, I would certainly hope so, even if the quad only uses two cores. It’s that there is benchmark data out there, and as you’ll see, it comes from AMD.

“The most interesting part was that in all of these applications AMD claims a slight advantage over Intel’s Core 2 Quad, but only at the same clock. This claim should be true if you compare the Core 2 Quad at 3GHz versus a 3GHz Phenom X4.”

As you see, this benchmark documentation comes from AMD, and it says that K10 represents catch-up with C2D, which is pretty much what we thought to begin with.

If you’re saying, “Show me the money,” that’s perfectly fine and understandable. My point is that there’s some money out there to be shown.

And somewhere, some time soon, it will leak.


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