STEIGER DYNAMICS Introduces LEET Monochrome Gaming HTPC

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STEIGER DYNAMICS, maker of some very nice looking home theater PCs, is introducing a limited edition free add-on to its existing line of custom built computers. The LEET Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming HTPC focuses on increasing the aesthetics of its already attractive product lines while packing serious computing power for the enthusiast gaming needs in the living room.

Steiger Dynamics LEET Monochrome Limited Edition HTPC
Steiger Dynamics LEET Monochrome Limited Edition HTPC

Back in November last year, we introduced you to STEIGER DYNAMICS and their line of custom HTPCs. Well today the company announces it is stepping up its game in the form of an even better looking LEET system.

Here’s what the company had to say about their new offering:

Black and white interior components, such as radiators, Blue-Ray Drive, pump, fittings, and tubing, provide contrast and establish an incredibly unique aesthetic, which is showcased with an acrylic glass lid and highlighted by interior LED lighting, the color of which will be customer specified. Custom white sleeved power supply and SATA cables continue the interior theme, and provide a very clean and tailored look to the system.

The LEET Gaming HTPC does not stop at looks, though. It packs quite a punch thanks to Intel Core-i7 4 to 6 cores processors overclocked up to 5.0 Ghz and graphics provided by up to 2x EVGA GeForce GTX TITANs. The Custom-built liquid cooling system inside the LEET Monochrome is co-developed with Swiftech for maximum cooling efficiency and minimal noise. Other hardware specifications leave nothing to be desired either, with ASUS RoG motherboards, up to 64 GB Corsair memory, Kingston or Samsung SSDs in optional RAID modes, 16TB WD Red Hard Drives and Seasonic PSUs.

“The Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming HTPC gives enthusiasts an insane amount of power in a system that is both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly dynamic.” said Martin Hehensteiger, CEO and co-founder of STEIGER DYNAMICS.

The Monochrome Limited Edition comes as a free upgrade for people wanting to buy any of the company’s Core and Reference line LEET HTPCs with custom liquid cooling and custom cabling.

Check out the Monochrome at STEIGER DYNAMICS’ website.


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