Stretching The Rules

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When I went looking for an OS for somebody, I came across something different over at Newegg.

Generally, retailers generally don’t let you buy an OEM OS without buying a bit more than that. As the Googlegear websiteGooglegear website says:

Under the agreement with Microsoft that computer stores such as Googlegear must abide by, we are only allowed to sell this desktop operating system to you, the end user, if you also order either a fully assembled computer system or a non-peripheral computer hardware component in the same transaction. A fully assembled computer system shall consist of at least a central processing unit, a motherboard, a hard drive, a power supply and a case.

Newegg isn’t doing that any more.

What they are doing instead to “meet” the hardware requirement is “selling” you a power cable splitter (which comes free when you buy any MS OS).

I suppose that’s a good deal for someone who needs an updated OS and that’s that.

I’m not so sure MS and/or the other resellers are going to be too happy about it, though.

I know, many of those reading this are laughing themselves silly at the notion of paying for an MS OS.

But for those of you who have gotten older and wiser since you got that bootleg copy of Win98, and find less and less support for that OS these days, this might not be a bad buy for you.



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