Summary of the Commercial Waterblock Testing

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Bill Adams’ swan song

The graphs below are a composite of the various test results of commercial waterblocks tested as part of Joe Citarella’s Waterblock Roundup. Many have requested that the data be presented as single graphs so that the various waterblocks could be more easily compared.

As the author I have exercised my editorial privilege by adding Swiftech’s latest waterblock, the MCW5002; differing only from the MCW5000 r2 by having 1/2″ barb connections.

Graph 1

Graph 1

Graph 1

Graph 1

Graph 1

As is well known I am no longer ‘available’ for outside testing, but fortunately there are two other individuals who will be conducting testing with similar rigor:’s Joe Citarella and Derek Peak (aka pHaestus) of

This is fortunate, as there is a continuing flow of new waterblocks with greater performance needing quantification for the edification of the watercooling community.

Many thanks to the readers who have found these articles useful.

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