Sunbeam LED Case Feet, Revisited

A second look, with an update on installation – Brian Berryman

SUMMARY: A second look, with an update on installation


The good guys at Sunbeamtech and Logisys Computers were nice enough to send
this item out for us to have a look at.

Now, I’d already looked at this item
(and sent them the link to it), when Sunbeam contacted us about looking at some of their products. However, since filing that article in February 2004, I’ve realized that the actual method
used to install these correctly differs slightly from how I mounted them in the original article.

So, this gives me the opportunity to rectify that. This is one of those items that the instructions translation into English isn’t precise, and it’s a bit vague (at least it seemed to me). In looking
at the item further, it seems that the correct method for installation would be as outlined below.

While the method I used in the first article works, and the feet will not fall off, this method (as follows) looks to be the correct way.

To Install these replacement feet, you will need a pair of screwdrivers. The one you usually would use for standard case screws, and a tiny jeweler’s type phillips one as well.

It’s suggested in the instructions to invert the case when installing these. The first time, I couldn’t, as I was installing them onto my watercooled PC. Inverting that wouldn’t be a good thing. My
full tower Chieftec however, can get stood on it’s head easily.

We’ll walk through one foot, the other three install exactly the same way.

This is the screw I couldn’t take a picture of last time (because I couldn’t invert the case). Remove it.

Here’s the difference…take the small screwdriver, and remove these two screws, and lift the round plastic cover. Feed the wire, and then the plastic retaining tab through the square hole the original
foot came out of.


Reinstall the mounting screw holding the foot to the chassis, and then the round plastic plate, and two small screws.


I omitted this info the first time… The harness these feet plug into uses a 4 pin Molex pass through, and is a bit less than two feet long (61cm)

This set of feet are blue. They are also available in green (shown in the first article), and red.


Here’s the two, pictured together

When I looked at these the first time, I stated:

“I’m very impressed with this product. The LEDs in the feet are incredibly bright….almost too bright. The twin cold cathodes in the case pale in comparison to the amount of
light these feet make. You might consider splicing a toggle switch into the harness, so you can shut them off if needed.

These blue feet don’t seem quite as bright as the green ones, but they are still plenty bright. When I took the picture just above this, it was bright enough to read by.

Being able to invert the case this time, I found it indeed is very easy to install these feet. And I’m still impressed by them

I’d like to thank Sunbeam and Logisys Computers for sending these out to us.


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