SunbeamTech Core Contact Heatsink

The good guys at SunbeamTech were nice enough to send a sample of the SunbeamTech Core Contact Heatsink.

This is a “direct contact” heatsink – the heatsink’s heatpipes are in direct contact with the CPU’s IHS.


  • Aluminum fins, four 8mm copper heatpipes directly contacting the CPU
  • Dimension 125 x 104 x 155 mm
  • Fan speed 2000 rpm, 91 cfm, 20 dBA – four pin molex connector with speed controller
  • Weight 590 grams
  • All Intel® Socket LGA 775 CPU ((Core™2 Extreme / Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo / Pentium® Extreme Edition / Pentium® D / Celeron® D) Pentium® D / Celeron® D)
  • All AMD Socket AM2 / 754 / 939 / 940 CPUs (Athlon™ 64 / FX / X2 / Opteron™ / Sempron™)



The base is made from the bottom of the heatpipes:


Mounting is very simple with four push-pins securing a mountng ring to the motherboard – this system does not require removing the motherboard from the case. Included parts are shown below:


Performance Test

The SunbeamTech Core Contact Heatsink was tested on an Asus P5WD2 motherboard with a modified Pentium D 805 to read CPU case temps while running Prime 95.



Case Temp

Ambient Temp


On-Die Temp¹

SunbeamTech Core Contact Heatsink, 1985 rpm, 55 dBA²





¹On-die temperatures.
²50 dBA measured 8″ from the fan intake corresponds to about 30 dBA measured 3 feet from the fan, a very quiet noise level.

Performance is excellent, with the SunbeamTech Core Contact Heatsink landing in the top tier of heatsink’s tested to date HERE. Fan noise is moderate, although it can be lower using the included speed controller. This heatsink is worth a look for aggressive cooling.

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