SuperPi Competition is Under Way!

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In case you missed it, the OCForums Benching team (now number 20 in the world!) is holding their first annual SuperPi competition and it started at midnight EST, Monday April 11!

Thanks again to our generous sponsors!

For complete rules and prize details, see the original post here. Here’s how to enter your score:

  • Get an account at HWBot (if you don’t already have one).
  • Apply the custom background (click the thumbnail or link below to download).
  • Bench SuperPi Mod 1.5 (available here) 1M and/or 32M, taking a screenshot of the completed SuperPi run and two instances of CPUz (which you can get here) – one with the CPU tab and the other with the Memory tab. Here’s an example of a proper screenshot:
Example Screenshot with Required Info
Example Screenshot with Required Info
  • Log on to HWBot and click “Submit Score” (it’s on the left).
Submit Score
  • Select this competition at the bottom.
Select This Competition
Select This Competition
  • Enter all the requested information and upload your screenshot.
Enter Your Info & Upload Your Screenshot
Enter Your Info & Upload Your Screenshot
  • Scroll down a bit, upload the photo of your system (THIS IS REQUIRED!) and tick the box saying you have read the rules (read them!) and click “Submit Benchmark Result”.
Upload Photo & Submit
Upload Photo & Submit

That’s it, after doing that, you will have entered the competition!!  Check in on HWBot as the copmpetition goes to see how you’re faring. We’ll try and post some updates right here too.

Remember, the competition is open to ANY member of our forums. There is a class for every system and it’s ambient cooling only, so don’t let your specs hold you back!  Below is the competition background.

Super Pi Competition Official Wallpaper
Super Pi Competition Official Wallpaper


On your marks….get ready…..BENCH!!!!!

Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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  1. Hrm...I was under the impression it would open right now. If it's not open by the time I get to work tomorrow, we'll follow up. I'm sure it has to do with time zones and there was just an error somewhere. The background is out though, so you're good to bench. Just submit it whenever they open it up. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    (I was fixing the stuff above when you were typing. Couldn't fix it before the post was made. ;) )
    It's open guys....get your scores in! This comp has cooling restrictions, so you guys don't have to worry about me swooping in with my liquid nitrogen at tearing you up....this is all about you! :thup:
    FYI, the points at HWBot appear to be incorrect, so don't pay attention to those yet. Will update when I know more. It may be they cannot score it like we need, which would be fine, I'll just post occasional updates. Will let you know what we find out!
    Sorry, can't see the image from here, but this team is "OC Forums" in between "OC DC OVERCLOCK TEAM" and "OC Genius". If that's the one you chose, you're golden!
    Just wondering, I'm not familiar with hwbot. If I upload multi times on the same benchmark will it mess with any of the scoring? IE: a bench line SP 1M and 32M and then start cranking later.
    EDIT: Nevermind, I got it...
    EDIT2: Stage 1&2 are LGA1156 only (I thought 1156/1366 were together), 3&4 are LGA775, 5&6 are AMD, and 7&8 are any CPU?
    EDIT3: I get the error message below every time I try to submit...
    Oddly enough it's telling me that LGA 1156 isn't eligible for Stage 1/2. Only 1366.
    And... Yup. Says so in the rules on the submission page, too. Weird, considering three other submissions for stage are i5s and an 860 (which is what I have, too).
    I must be doing something wrong, darnit.
    Still working out the kinks guys...sorry :rolleyes:

    Says my Q9550 isnt eligible...

    not going to be my final submission.. Just figured I would jump in...
    Damn...Can't use my Dual Xeon E5540's.....Says can't use my 870 either....Oh well guess I'll have to go buy 930....Just have to explain it to the wife...I can hear me explaining now "but baby I NEED it for the OC contest"...No
    The stages are classes. There is one stage per class per bench. I'll go ahead & break it down here (MIAH - correct me if I'm wrong please):

    • Stage 1 = SuperPi1M for the LGA1156 and LGA1366 (minus Gulftown) class
    • Stage 2 = SuperPi32M for the LGA1156 and LGA1366 (minus Gulftown) class
    • Stage 3 = SuperPi1M for the LGA775 class
    • Stage 4 = SuperPi32M for the LGA775 class
    • Stage 5 = SuperPi1M for the AMD class
    • Stage 6 = SuperPi32M for the AMD class
    • Stage 7 = SuperPi1M for the slacker class
    • Stage 8 = SuperPi32M for the slacker class

    That should do it. :)