SurlyJoe’s ScotchBrite Fan Filter


I got sick and tired of my K6III crashing from overtemp, only to find a thick blanket of dust – the only problem with my Athlon. I said NO MORE!! Here’s how it works.

I got a 2 packs of Scotch Brite Scrub Pads (extra fine variety) at Walmart cause they looked like the air cleaner for my lawn mower. At Home Depot, I found some u-shaped plastic molding (next time I’ll use 1/4′ aluminum U channel) and got some high temp foam tape from “The Shack”. I yanked the front cover on my brand new purple button tower and cut a spiderweb type hole for a 120mm case fan next to the one for the 80mm to give it some positive case pressure (the case had 3 X 80mm case fans – 1 in/front , 2 out/rear )

With my $12 hand nibbler(from where else? “The Shack”), I stuck the track to the frame with the foam tape so that it holds the pads securely over the fan intakes and would stick out the side 1/2″ to get a hold of them. Then I notched the sides of the front cover to clear the part of the pad that stuck out.

Then I cut the bottom out of the front cover and added some old HD cooler grates in the empty drive bays to help it breathe. After sealing up all the cracks/holes I could find with aluminum tape and self-adhesive foam weatherstrip, I stuck it back together.

IT REALLY WORKS!! I’ve been running it for 2 months now and its still STERILE inside. Now instead of my weekly dust cloud cleaning of my computer, I just toss the pads in the dishwasher and put in another set – they are only $.79 each!!!

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