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Improvement for bongs — Matthew Huizing

I am in the process of building a new evaporative water cooling case. I liked your scotch pad idea for your short “bong” cooler, but I think something more efficient could be done.

I think a 120mm square flat evaporative-media cooler will work fine, something basic like a small radiator. Your dribbling idea was sound, but air flow was the problem. A flat radiator type design would minimize thickness for air to travel through and maximize cross-section area for the actual evaporation.

What is needed is something porous but will keep the water suspended. My guess is the water would just fly off the scotch pads if such a dribble cooler was placed on its side with a big fan pushing air through it.

The Care and Feeding of a Swamp Cooler
Just like a big house evaporative cooler but the size of a small computer radiator.

The solution is commercial evaporative cooler media pads. One place online sells Aspen (the wood) pads for $17 for a 24″x90″ size. However Dura-Cool (synthetic?) or Celdek brand pads (cellulose) are more efficient, and I am thinking just 6″x6″x2″.

A lot of overclockers could benefit if instead of $50-$100 radiators, we could use $20 evaporative coolers that could fit in the computer case. Something like this will probably be mainstream once 200W and higher CPU’s come out, unless we go to vapor-change systems (too expensive).

I haven’t seen anyone do this. There was a person who made a small cube drip evaporative cooler on HardOCP forums, but it wasn’t the right shape. I am wondering if anyone has tried this or knows where to get the right parts. It might eventually represent a new market for the cooling pad manufacturers.


Matthew Huizing

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