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Mvix Minix 890GX Motherboard Review

Since the dawn of computers, one goal has always been to stuff more power into a smaller space. The mini-ITX form factor, and the Mvix Minix 890GX specifically, allow you to run a standard desktop processor on a motherboard not much larger than a grown man’s hand. Even more impressive is that almost every feature of a full sized ATX motherboard has been crammed into the miniature footprint of the Minix 890GX…and it can overclock, too. Read More

MSI 890GXM-G65 Review

It’s been a while since AMD introduced a new chipset. The 890GX-SB850 has several new features, including USB 3.0, SATA 3, 6-core CPU support, and upgraded integrated graphics with DirectX 10.1 support. MSI is getting into the 890GX game immediately, and has sent me their 890GXM-G65 for testing. Though the 890GXM-G65 is part of MSI’s “Gaming Series,” here I’ll be testing it in an HTPC setting. Read More