Alphacool Announces Eisbaer Pro Aurora Series AIO CPU Cooler

Today, Alphacool announced the Eisbaer Pro Aurora series All-In-One CPU cooler line-up. The Eisbaer Pro Aurora features a larger cooling plate and mounting system for compatibility with some of the largest CPUs on the market including AMD’s Threadripper, Intel’s LGA3647, LGA4189, as well as fitting the new LGA1700-based systems. Full copper NexXxoS ST30 radiators in 280 mm and 420 mm are available and feature quick-release couplings for expandability. For complete details, continue reading Alphacool’s press release. Read More

Alphacool LGA4189

Alphacool Offers Free Mount Kit to Current XPX Pro and Eisbaer Pro AIO Owners

Alphacool announced today that owners of the XPX Pro cooler and Eisbaer Pro AIO can receive a free mounting kit for Intel’s upcoming Socket P+ (LGA 4189) and LGA1700 sockets. While some coolers may already be compatible with LGA1700, the free mounting kit is required for LGA4189. Naturally, proof of receipt will be required. Alphacool’s press release shows the current compatibility for LGA1700. Read More

Alphacool ES Flow Sensor

Alphacool Announces ES Flow Sensor, Thermal Paste, and More

Today, Alphacool announced the ES flow and temperature sensor, Rise thermal paste, and Alphatube HF clear tubing. The ES flow and temperature sensor is extremely compact to fit anywhere along your cooling loop. The Rise thermal paste has a heat transfer rating of 6W/mK and is non-conductive. Alphacool also now offers its Alphatube HF PVC tubing in ultra-clear as an accompaniment to its current options. These products are all readily available at Alphacool’s press release below lists all the specs including prices. Read More


Alphacool Launches XT45 and UT60 Dual-Flow and ST25 92mm Radiators

Today, Alphacool launched four new radiators for the NexXxoS series, the XT45 Dual-Flow 360 mm, UT60 Dual-Flow 360 mm, ST25 92 mm, and the ST25 92 mm Dual. All four feature a full copper pre-chamber, cooling channels, and cooling fins. The XT45 and UT60 Dual-Flow 360 mm radiators are designed around Alphacool’s X-Flow concept and create two separate cooling chambers. This design is marketed for server applications where space is severely limited.
The ST25 92 mm and ST25 92 mm Dual (184 mm) radiators are compact and perfect for cooling the growing trend of mini-PCs and small form factor (SFF) applications. All four products are currently available on the Alphacool website. Prices are listed below in the press release. Read More


Alphacool Releases Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-A for AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT GPU

Today, Alphacool released the Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-A water cooler for the reference design AMD RX 6700 XT GPU. Like all of the water coolers in the Eisblock Aurora series, it is made from nickel-plated copper is a full-coverage design, and includes an aluminum backplate.  The MSRP is $166 and is available on the Alphacool website.  The Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-A fits several other models as well which are listed below in the press release. Read More


Alphacool Launches Rise Aurora 120mm PWM ARGB Fan

Today, Alphacool launched the Rise Aurora 120 mm PWM fan. This high-speed fan features a sleeve-bearing with a rated speed of 2500RPM capable of producing 118 m3h of airflow and 3.17 mm/H2O of static pressure. These impressive numbers do come at the cost of noise as the Rise Aurora 120 mm generates 31.5 dB(A) at its maximum speed. To help control the noise it is fitted with a PWM connector with 0% PWM functionality so your motherboard can tame this beast when its full power isn’t needed. Additionally, it features 20 addressable RGB LEDs to provide a beautiful array of lighting.  Currently available on the Alphacool website for $19.45 the Rise Aurora is bound to be a success. Here is the press release from Alphacool. Read More


Alphacool Announces Two Eiswolf 2 GPU AIOs

Alphacool announced the new Eiswolf 2 GPU AIO for AMD’s RX 6900/6800/6800XT and Nvidia’s RTX 3090/3080 reference design GPU’s. These new AIOs sport a massive 360 mm radiator and a trio of Alphacool’s Aurora Rise 120mm fans. The AIOs use a nickel-plated copper cold plate, copper radiator, and DC-LT 2 pumps. While sold as a complete AIO kit, they are also customizable allowing for expansion with other water cooling products. Both models are currently available through the Alphacool store and the price for either model is set at $297. Here is Alphacool’s press release. Read More


Alphacool Launched Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A RX 6800/6900/XT Reference Cooler

Today, Alphacool launched the Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A for the AMD Radeon 6800/6900/XT reference GPUs. Like all of the Eisblock water blocks, it features a full coverage nickel-plated copper cold plate. What is unique to this model is Alphacool decided to reduce the water block thickness as well as the thermal pads creating significantly improved cooling performance. The manufacturer suggested retail price is $159 and is currently available directly from Alphacool. Below is the press release along with the specifications of the cooler. Read More