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Arctic Cooling Fusion 550RF Power Supply Review

Today we’ll look at Arctic Cooling’s entry into the brutal market of low wattage entry level units. This unit is aimed squarely at the (meh) Tt Smart 530w we reviewed recently. Will the Fusion 550RF stomp the Smart into the ground? Will it live up to its name and explode? We’ll see! Read More

Arctic Accelero Xtreme III Review

Arctic is one of the most well-known manufacturers of thermal paste and heatsinks for both graphics cards and processors Today we will be taking a look at Arctic’s newest GPU cooler – the Accelero Xtreme III. Read More

Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II and S1 PLUS Review

Arctic is well known for their cooling solutions from CPU’s to GPU’s and fans, they even make cases as well. Today Arctic has given us an opportunity to review the Accelero Twin Turbo II and the passive (optional fan purchased separately) solution the Accelero S1 PLUS. Both of these coolers can work with some of the newer GPU’s, think 6 series from Nvidia, and 7 series from AMD, and we will be testing them both out on the MSI 7870 HAWK. Read More

Prolimatech MK-13 VGA cooler

Founded in 2008 in Taipei Taiwan, Prolimatech is one of the newest players in the heat-sink business. Their first entry into the extremely competitive heatsink market was the immensely successful Megahalems CPU cooler. Easily one of the best performing air coolers on the market, the Megahalems stole the hearts of enthusiasts around the globe with decent availability, a very reasonable price, and excellent fit and finish and quality control.

So, after the success of their first entry, I was naturally very curious to see what Prolimatech had up their sleeve next. Enter the MK-13 VGA cooler, a massive cooler utilizing six 6mm heat-pipes, and a fairly universal mounting mechanism. Does this cooler have what it takes to continue the legacy of its CPU mounted sibling? We shall see. Read More