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Catalyst 10.6 Drivers Released

ATI has just released the Catalyst 10.6 video drivers. The newest version is said to provide several performance enhancements, including improved scores in 3dmark Vantage. Read More

Reinventing The ATI 5870

The 5800 series GPUs have been out for a while. Manufacturers are now coming out with variations on the originals, but I thought it might be fun to take a step back and do a quick run-through of this generation of AMD/ATI’s top graphics cards. Read More

ATI Tapes Out 6000-Series Graphics Cards

Graphics processors manufacturer ATI has announced that its new architecture, named Southern Islands, has taped out. The products based on the new GPU are expected to form the 6000-series of cards and will likely be launched in Q4 2010. Read More

Upcoming ATI Cards to be Built on 40nm

The next generation of AMD/ATI graphics cards, known as Northern Islands, is to be replaced by an hybrid generation dubbed Southern Islands that would be built on TSMC’s 40nm process. Sources suggest the graphics cards would be ready for a Q4 2010 launch. Read More