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Microcool Banchetto K Bench Station Review

Today, we have something out of the ordinary for the general consumers out there, but for those enthusiasts and benchmarkers, it’s a fairly common sight. So, what am I talking about? An open bench/tech station, the Microcool Banchetto K to be specific. These bench/tech stations typically allow easy access to hardware for those that tinker, swap out components frequently, and/or use extreme cooling for benchmarking. Read More

DIMASTECH Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Review

I have been overclocking and benchmarking computer hardware for quite a few years. However, Once I joined the realm of competative benchmarking about 2 years ago, things changed a lot. One thing that I have found to be essential in a proper benching table. Today, I’m looking at the new and improved benching table built by DIMASTECH in Italy. Does it have what it takes to replace my long time benching table build by Navig? Read on… Read More