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HWBOT rev4.2 Released!

If anyone on the benchmarking team hasn’t heard yet the staff over at has been working diligently on the release of rev4.2 for the site last in the month or so and the fruits of their labor are finally here! Meet HWBOT rev4.2! Read More

Overclockers Benching Party I: The Lineup

The full lineup, the hardware, plus 720 Liters of LN2 – you don’t want to miss this! On the evening of Friday, November 19th, the festivities and overclocking began. Check out our three livestreams to get in on the action. Read More

GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Champion Crowned

After months of heated competition among some of the world’s best overclockers, a winner has finally been announced in the GO OC 2010. For those of you who have not been following, the GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship is a worldwide competition. Regional qualifiers were held throughout the world, the winners received an all-expense paid trip to Taipei, Taiwan, to compete in the finals. After winning the North America regional, our very own sno.lcn, traveled to the Far East for a chance to test his skills against overclockers from around the world. Read More

X58A-UD3R: High-End Overclocking on Gigabyte's Entry X58 Platform

The X58A-UD3R is Gigabyte’s entry X58 motherboard, and has been around for quite some time. It’s been tested by a hundred review sites, and used by overclockers all over the world. How many reviews of this board have you seen with something like an i7 920, some 1600MHz memory, and high-end graphics card, showing you what the weekend overclocker or casual user might expect from this board? We all know this is a proven product, and probably the best value (performance + reliability / $) you can get for an X58-based computer. Let’s see how this entry-level board performs under some real pressure. Read More

Live Benching Tonight: Miahallen on Liquid Nitrogen

MIAHALLEN, the #13 overclocker in the world on HWBot, will be benching live with liquid nitrogen on  his CPU tonight, June 22, 2010. Watch him here at Overclockers Live – Stage 1! Update 12:30AM EST – this event is over, the next live benching session will be announced soon. Stay tuned! Read More

Live Benching Tonight: ghost_recon88 member, ghost_recon88 is benching live tonight. It may already be underway. ghost_recon88 will be chasing 2d benchmarks, as well as trying his luck with vantage later tonight. Tune in right now, Thursday June 17th, 2010. Read More

MIAHALLEN Reaches Top 10 on HWBOT

Last night, one of the world’s best overclockers, our very own MIAHALLEN, hosted a live benching session. Despite some insulation and condensation issues with his Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 motherboard, he still managed to crack the top 10 on! Read More

A Forum Wars Journal Part 3: Very Unsafe Scores

Now before I start today, I must increase the vocabulary of all 5 readers of this article by an entire word! The word, is ‘welp’. Now current definitions aside, it is a word invented by me and one of my buddies that is used to express disappointment. Read More

A Call to Arms: Overclockers Forums HWBot Assault!

We here at team OC Forums are taking up arms to knock some heads together and gain a position on the front page of the teams ranking on HWBot.

Currently we are in 22nd position, and 892 points away from 20th. This sounds like a wide gap, but when you consider the resources we have it’s really quite attainable. Read More