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X58A-UD3R: High-End Overclocking on Gigabyte’s Entry X58 Platform

The X58A-UD3R is Gigabyte’s entry X58 motherboard, and has been around for quite some time. It’s been tested by a hundred review sites, and used by overclockers all over the world. How many reviews of this board have you seen with something like an i7 920, some 1600MHz memory, and high-end graphics card, showing you what the weekend overclocker or casual user might expect from this board? We all know this is a proven product, and probably the best value (performance + reliability / $) you can get for an X58-based computer. Let’s see how this entry-level board performs under some real pressure.

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Benching News: Two New Benching Members

I’d like to welcome our two newest Benching Team members, Bobnova and Khemikal!

Both of these guys have been working on joining the team for a little while now, and I’m happy to say they’ve made it in. They’re both long time O/C members, and we’re all looking forward to benching with them for a long time to come.