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Benchmark Buffet

Today we will again take a high-level look into the world of benchmarking: CPU and GPU benchmarks, benchmarking tools and much more. Specifically, we will be looking at thirteen point-scoring benchmarks listed at as well as the more common utilities used for overclocking and submitting scores to their system.… Read More

Microcool Banchetto K Bench Station Review

Today, we have something out of the ordinary for the general consumers out there, but for those enthusiasts and benchmarkers, it’s a fairly common sight. So, what am I talking about? An open bench/tech station, the Microcool Banchetto K to be specific. These bench/tech stations typically allow easy access to hardware for those that tinker, swap out components frequently, and/or use extreme cooling for benchmarking. Read More

Sleeping Dogs (PC) Review

Sleeping Dogs is a game that almost did not come to fruition. Fortunately Square Enix picked up the game and with the help of developer United Front Games, re-tooled it to try to reach the high standards set by GTA4. In this review I will discuss the story, gameplay, graphics, and display some performance numbers with my AMD HD7970. Read More

New Benchmark and Competition: CatZilla!

There’s a new challenger in the world of 3D benchmarking! It’s from a little (un?) known company called Allbenchmark. As the name suggests, it involves a cat. A rather large cat, at that. Want to know more? Keep reading! Read More

AMD's Piledriver FX-8350 Gaming Comparison

When we looked at the Piledriver CPU, we ran it with our standard CPU review HD 6970. However, our CPU review game and 3D benchmark suite is a bit long in the tooth. In an effort to keep our readers more well-informed, we went back to the drawing board to run our much more modern gaming suite (which we use in all GPU reviews) on a more modern, powerful GPU – the ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP. Read More Evaporator Under Dry Ice

Tested with Phenom II X6 1090T overclocking… I got in touch with a friend and he agreed to let me take one of his cooling pots for a spin. Aaron Schradin of has lent me an excellent pot to play around with and review for all of you guys. This pot is usually meant for the purpose of running under LN2 and LHe4. This is seen in the many AMD world record breaking overclocking attempts, which can all be seen over at However I will be playing around with the dry ice performance of this pot, which has mostly gone overlooked until now. Includes exclusive video. See it first here! Read More

New 3DMark 11 High Temple Trailer Released

It has been over two years since Futuremark released their flagship 3DMark Vantage. With DirectX 11 in full swing, they’re due for an update. We’re happy to bring you that very nice looking trailer as well as some screenshots and info about the bench! Read More

Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 SOC (Super Overclock) Review

I recently received a couple treats from Gigabyte Japan, namely a pair of new Radeon HD 5870 Super Overclock or “SOC” edition video cards. These cards feature a “binned” GPU, a custom PCB with tons of high-end features, and a custom air cooler. They also come with a factory rating of 950MHz for the GPU and 1250MHz for the GDDR5 memory, a significant boost over the 850/1200MHz speed of the reference cards. I took this beast of a card, and as you might expect, I put it through its paces with a buffet of benchmarks to find the absolute limits of performance. Read More

Alien vs. Predator DX11 Benchmark Released

After the release of Unigine Heaven DX11 late last year and the announcement of FutureMark’s 3DMark11 to be released later this year, it is now time for SEGA and Rebellion to released their own DirectX 11 compatible benchmark program. The new benchmark is free to use and is available for download now. Read More