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GIGABYTE Announces GO OC 2010 North America Regional Final in California on August 7

It’s that time again! On August 7, I, along with several other members of the community, will be returning to Los Angeles to compete in the North American finals of Gigabyte’s annual overclocking competition, GO OC 2010. MIAHALLEN came in first place last year, and I took the second place position. We both went on to compete at the finals in Taipei, Taiwan. This year we’ll be seeing some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. See the official press release below for event details including prizes, hardware info, and a chance to win some nice prizes! Stay tuned for a complete list of overclockers who will be competing this year. Read More

Live Benching Tonight: ghost_recon88 member, ghost_recon88 is benching live tonight. It may already be underway. ghost_recon88 will be chasing 2d benchmarks, as well as trying his luck with vantage later tonight. Tune in right now, Thursday June 17th, 2010. Read More

To 'ES' or not to 'ES'? That is the HWBOT question...

A hot topic on the benchmarking scene has developed in the form of a HWBOT forum poll created by BenchZowner to discuss whether or not to continue to allow Engineering Sample CPUs as boint scoring hardware. For those that may not know, an ES chip is one that is not released to the public, cannot be sold (legally), and can be coveted for its potential overclocking performance over retail chips. A lot of the sponsored overclockers use these chips and can potentially score more boints than an average joe that is using an unbinned retail chip, which is essentially the heart of the matter. Read More

Inter-Forum Benchmark Challenge

The Inter-Forum Challenge between OC Forums and forums starts soon! Existing benching team members are encouraged to join in, and new benching team members would be warmly welcomed. Read More

Benchmark Buffet!!

Today we will take a high level look into the world of benchmarking. More specifically we will be looking at 13 point scoring benchmarks listed at as well as the more common utilities used for overclocking and submitting scores to their system as well as system information and monitoring their system. Read More

A Forum Wars Journal Part 3: Very Unsafe Scores

Now before I start today, I must increase the vocabulary of all 5 readers of this article by an entire word! The word, is ‘welp’. Now current definitions aside, it is a word invented by me and one of my buddies that is used to express disappointment. Read More

DIMASTECH Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Review

I have been overclocking and benchmarking computer hardware for quite a few years. However, Once I joined the realm of competative benchmarking about 2 years ago, things changed a lot. One thing that I have found to be essential in a proper benching table. Today, I’m looking at the new and improved benching table built by DIMASTECH in Italy. Does it have what it takes to replace my long time benching table build by Navig? Read on… Read More

A Call to Arms: Overclockers Forums HWBot Assault!

We here at team OC Forums are taking up arms to knock some heads together and gain a position on the front page of the teams ranking on HWBot.

Currently we are in 22nd position, and 892 points away from 20th. This sounds like a wide gap, but when you consider the resources we have it’s really quite attainable. Read More