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Rosetta Team March Contest Status Update

Well, more than a month has passed since the beginning of our March event and there has been a lot of progress made and a lot of prizes handed out to those who have contributed. Since the contest has started, team production (Recent Average Credit or RAC) has increased by… Read More

Biostar TA890FXE Motherboard Review

Achieving¬†superior performance from less expensive hardware was the main reason overclocking appealed to me severals years ago. In recent years, Biostar has really stepped up to the plate to fill the performance-on-a-budget roll, and I’ve personally owned several of their boards. The TA890FXE takes the high end AMD 890FX chipset and aims to get it in the hands of more budget conscious buyers. With any luck this motherboard will be able to play with the big boys, for instance the¬†Asus Crosshair Formula IV we reviewed recently. Read More

i5 Clarkdale on Biostar TH55XE

We’ve seen a lot of news about Intel’s 32nm CPU on the internet in the past six months…Now let us take a look at Intel’s LGA 1156 platform. This platform will launch new 32nm CPU products, including Core i5 6XX and Core i3 5XX series, named Clarkdale. Read More

December 2009 Overclockers Buyers Guide

Just in time for the holidays! If you are looking to get started with overclocking but aren’t sure what components to put together, then you have come to the right place.

All of the systems below focus on achieving the highest possible processor overclock for the least amount of money… Read More