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HIS HD 7770 GHz Edition Review

Today we will be looking at the big brother of AMD’s Cape Verde architecture, the HD 7770. This time its HIS that was kind enough to send a sample to be punished by our review staff. The HIS HD 7770 GHz Edition comes in with more shaders and a much higher clock speed (1GHz, hence the name!) than its little brother the HIS HD 7750. Let’s take a more detailed look at the card and see just how much difference it makes in these mainstream based cards. Read More

HIS HD 7750 GPU Review

AMD recently came out with its Tahiti and Graphics Core Next architecture with a bang in the HD 7970 and HD 7950. Today, HIS released the first of at least two mainstream cards, the HIS HD 7750. We are going to put the card through its paces and see how it fares in our testing. Read More