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AMD Releases HD 7970 GHz Edition

In what seems to be sort of a ‘hey, we’re still here!’ moment, AMD is celebrating the six month anniversary of its HD 7970 GPU with a refresh. They’re raising the GPU and memory clockspeeds on the reference card and releasing the AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition. They are also touting the new capabilities of some game partnerships as well as the improved coding of their Catalyst drivers for the entire 7xxx product stack. Read More

ATI Releases Catalyst 10.7 Drivers

It seems like only yesterday Catalyst 10.6 came into this world, and already Catalyst 10.7 is on the scene. It does not appear that the new drivers will have a major impact on performance or benchmarks, but let’s see how they stack up. Read More

Catalyst 10.6 Drivers Released

ATI has just released the Catalyst 10.6 video drivers. The newest version is said to provide several performance enhancements, including improved scores in 3dmark Vantage. Read More