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Three Premium Heatsinks Revisited

This isn’t so much a formal review as an opportunity to revisit some heatsinks tested in my first review here. My test system has changed quite a bit since then, so it is time to re-examine some of the top coolers available. Read More

Six Premium Heatsink Shootout

I will be looking at 6 different heat pipe cooling solutions with this review, with retail prices ranging from the mid-$30 range to $100. All have been looked at by other sites at one time or another, but generally are tested on a dedicated test stand setup. I will be a bit different as I am going to test them in a case on a working system and see if any surprises will be found. Read More

COGAGE TRUE Spirit LGA1366 Heatsink Review

I usually like to learn as much about a product I’m reviewing as possible before it even arrives. However, I wasn’t expecting this one, and didn’t really have time to do a ton of research. Since I’ve never done a heatsink review, I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked if I’d like to test this cooler. You may never have heard of Cogage. Neither had I when I received this product. As it turns out, it’s made by an extremely well-known company, who makes top-notch air cooling solutions. If the name of this heatsink doesn’t give it away, try to figure it out by looking at the pictures below. There are certain features that make the manufacturer a dead giveaway. Read More