Cooler Master Announces the Case Mod World Series Winners

Cooler Master has just announced the winners of the Case Mod World Series 2020 annual case modding contest. If you haven’t been following along, this is one of the most creative events held every year. Designers, fabricators, and PC enthusiasts enter their custom rigs in hopes of winning in a variety of categories.  With $24,000 worth of cash and prizes, along with the notoriety that comes with winning, it’s understandable how much effort goes into these absolutely stunning builds. Be sure to click the gallery links as there are a ton more incredible pics. Here is the press release from Cooler Master along with a few images of just a few of the winners.


Cooler Master MM711 Challenge for COVID-19 Relief

Cooler Master just launched a contest to design a special version of the MM711 gaming mouse with proceeds going towards COVID-19 relief efforts. Submit your design for a chance to win a $1,000 prize pack from Cooler Master. The winning design will be manufactured and sold to benefit relief efforts.


Cooler Master H500P Mesh Case Review

Cooler Master is well known in the PC community. Whether you are a budget builder, avid gamer, or an elite overclocker you have undoubtedly purchased some of their products. That’s because Cooler Master has had their hands in nearly every aspect of computer hardware for more than 25 years. For this review they have provided us with the improved mesh variant of the Mastercase H500P, an enthusiast level, mid-tower case with style and tidiness in mind. I will turn the proverbial screws to find out where they have hit their mark and where they have missed.