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Cooling Evaporator Under Dry Ice

Tested with Phenom II X6 1090T overclocking… I got in touch with a friend and he agreed to let me take one of his cooling pots for a spin. Aaron Schradin of has lent me an excellent pot to play around with and review for all of you guys. This pot is usually meant for the purpose of running under LN2 and LHe4. This is seen in the many AMD world record breaking overclocking attempts, which can all be seen over at However I will be playing around with the dry ice performance of this pot, which has mostly gone overlooked until now. Includes exclusive video. See it first here! Read More

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ghost_recon88, sno.lcn, and KonaKona are Benching Live Tonight

Overclockers Benching Team members ghost_recon88, KonaKona, and benching team leader sno.lcn are benching sub-zero live tonight! Catch the full action including tips from the Benchmark Team with live video and chat on Stage 1 and Stage 2. The stages are scheduled to be live at 8PM and 7PM EST respectively!

Check out the preview below… Once the benchmarking has begun, the videos will begin playing automatically. Please click the links above to be taken to the stage where everyone hangs out during the show to watch and discuss.

Update: Both sessions are now completed. You can discuss their sessions further here or in the forum. You can also read more on how you can join our benching team. Read More