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Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot Review

Overclockers have always been a bit extreme – we take hardware many people are perfectly satisfied with and then push every last MHz we can out of it within our cooling limits. Some choose air cooling, some choose water cooling. Then there are the crazy people. Read More

Hokiealumnus Live Benching Tonight

Come watch hokie’s first (gasp!) sub-zero experience in all its glory tonight at 8:45p.m. EST.

UPDATE: Last night’s event is over, but Hokie had some great results which he’s shared inside this article’s comment section. Read More

"Extreme" Video Card Cooling on an "Extreme" Budget

In the never ending quest for a few more MHz of power that any self respecting overclocker is constantly seeking, this question always comes up. How can I get this piece of hardware colder? As we all know, heat is normally the enemy of speed in our little world, and overclockers have dreamed up brilliant and sophisticated ways to keep their hardware colder. This is not one of them. Read More