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Lamptron FC5V3 Fan Controller Review

Lamptron has re-worked the FC5 fan controller yet again, and now we sit at version three. This latest iteration drastically increases the LED color choices, controls up to six fans, and also has temperature probing capabilities. With modern motherboards able to control fans and many cases including this as a built-in future, what makes a fan controller worth the added expense? Lamptron thinks they have the answer to that with the FC5V3. Let’s take the FC5V3 for a test run and see if we think they have the answers too! Read More

Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller Review

Mostly known for their cases, fans, and power supplies, Fractal Design looks to add fan controllers to their product line up with the release of their new Adjust 108. Sporting a brushed aluminum panel and a stout 36 watts per channel, it certainly looks like the Adjust 108 has the right DNA to be a contender in the competitive fan controller market. Read More

Lamptron FC10 Fan Controller Review

Lamptron is most well known for their quality fan controllers with high wattage ratings per channel. We have had the opportunity to test quite a few of their offerings, but today we have a very unique fan controller, the FC10. Read More

Scythe Kaze Master Flat Fan Controller Review

Almost every enthusiast’s PC has a high end graphics card and a powerful CPU. Some of the more hardcore even overclock both their CPU and GPU’s to squeeze even more performance out of their box. In trying to do that chances are you create a lot of heat which needs removed out of your case by fans. Today Scythe has given us a chance to look at their new Kaze Master Flat fan controller. Let’s see what this one brings to the table. Read More

Lamptron FC8 Fan Controller Review

When we last looked at a Lamptron fan controller, it was their flagship/bling model the Lamptron Touch. They’ve gone the brute force route this time and sent us their new powerhouse, the Lamptron FC8. Read More

NZXT Sentry LXE Fan Controller Review

The Sentry LXE is a touchscreen fan controller that’s very easy on the eyes, but is it all looks? I’ll be putting the Sentry LXE to the test with some high-power fans to see if this controller can perform outside of batting its eyelashes and rendering onlookers awestruck. Read More

Lamptron Touch Fan Controller Review

It has been a little while since Lamptron released their flagship, FC-5 fan controller (now known as the FC5V2, which fixes screen contrast issues). In the interim they did release the FC-6, which is just a lower wattage FC5V2. Now they have leaped forward a bit and are releasing the Touch, Lamptron’s first touch-screen controller. Read More