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Nvidia releases its latest GPU, meet the GTX 590!

Today Nvidia has released its much anticipated flagship card, the GTX 590. This video card consists of 2 GPU’s on one PCB and can drive a 3 monitor setup in 3D surround by itself. Nvidia touts this as the most powerful DX11 graphics card ever built. Read More

GTX 460 Press Kit Leaked

After the paparazzi caught a glimpse of the GTX 460 768 earlier this morning, Expreview has now posted a Gigabyte Press Kit detailing the performance of NVIDIA’s upcoming mid-range Fermi card. Due to be released on July 12, this card will feature 768 MB of GDDR5 memory running at 3600 MHz, plus 192-bit memory interface. The GPU will be clocked at 675 MHz. Read More

Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 SOC (Super Overclock) Review

I recently received a couple treats from Gigabyte Japan, namely a pair of new Radeon HD 5870 Super Overclock or “SOC” edition video cards. These cards feature a “binned” GPU, a custom PCB with tons of high-end features, and a custom air cooler. They also come with a factory rating of 950MHz for the GPU and 1250MHz for the GDDR5 memory, a significant boost over the 850/1200MHz speed of the reference cards. I took this beast of a card, and as you might expect, I put it through its paces with a buffet of benchmarks to find the absolute limits of performance. Read More

Nvidia GTX465 Detailed

Nvidia is set to release its latest iteration of the Fermi architecture in early June. The new card, named GTX465, is a cut-down version of the GTX470 and features a total of 352 shader cores. Read More

GTX 470 Mini Review

Today we will be looking at the much anticipated and first DX11 offering from Nvidia, the Fermi/GF100 or better known in the retail chain as the GTX 470 and GTX 480. More specifically, we will be looking at the little brother of the two, the GTX 470. Read More

Today in Hardware

So what is it that creates the highest FPS in games? See inside for more information, as well as Clarkdale efficiency, AMD Llano and a crazy new heatsink. Dolk also outlines the best threads from around OC Forums. Read More

Today in Hardware

The second installment of Dolk’s news column highlights new information about Intel Westmere. Also in the headlines, Fermi, Thuban, Clarkdale and the latest from the forums. Read More