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Socket 1156 burning the fire out?

Several months ago, there was some news worthy mentions from many sites about the Foxconn made sockets for the P55 (Socket 1156) platform including Anandtech’s article. When the issue was in its prime, one would see many forum users suggesting others to stay away from motherboard “X” because it has a Foxconn socket and could burn up. Looking back, was this type of response warranted? Did Foxconn or even Lotes sockets all over the world melt or char CPU’s at an alarming rate? Lets see what time has told us. Read More

Cheap Hardware, but at What Cost?

On Tuesday, a 19-year old employee at Foxconn apparently jumped to his death at a factory operated by Foxconn. This is the ninth suicide this year at this complex of China factories. Do consumers even care? Read More

X58 Motherboard Safari, which one is right for you?

We have all now seen the latest offerings for P55 chipset Motherboards and for many it was the best board for their needs and they upgraded. I found that there are still many undecided folks still delaying the decision to upgrade their computers. Read More