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NZXT HALE82 N Series 750 W Power Supply Review

NZXT has released a sequel to their excellent HALE82 power supply lineup, the HALE82 N Series. We have the 750 W flavor here today. It will get checked out, poked, prodded, abusively tested (twice), ripped to shreds, analyzed, inspected, quantified, and finally given an official rating. Read More

NZXT HALE82 850 W Power Supply Review

NZXT has sent us a brand new just-released power supply known as the HALE82 850w. If the HALE branding sounds familiar you’re probably thinking of NZXT’s HALE90 series of PSUs. The only downside to the HALE90 units is that 80+ Gold parts and designs are expensive! The HALE82 series is 80+ Bronze rated and should cost significantly less than the HALE90 units, while maintaining the excellent NZXT quality. Read More