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Evercool Transformer 4 Heatsink Review

The Transformer 4 is the first heatsink I have tested from Evercool. It seems like their high-end offering with four heatpipes and two fans for a push-pull setup. This conventional tower style heatsink sounds like it might have what it takes to be a killer cooling solution. Read More

Corsair A70 Heatsink Review

After reviewing the H50 and H70 low cost liquid cooling solutions that Corsair is selling, I became curious about how well their other cooling solutions perform. Besides the above mentioned units, Corsair is also selling the A50 and A70 tower style heat sinks. The A50 seems to be budgeted at the lower end of the premium cooling scene and the A70 looks like it is being marketed more at the high end scene, in competition with the likes of Thermalright, Prolimatech and Noctua. Read More

Six Premium Heatsink Shootout

I will be looking at 6 different heat pipe cooling solutions with this review, with retail prices ranging from the mid-$30 range to $100. All have been looked at by other sites at one time or another, but generally are tested on a dedicated test stand setup. I will be a bit different as I am going to test them in a case on a working system and see if any surprises will be found. Read More