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Noctua NH-C14S Review

Not all cases have room for a full tower heatsink. So, Noctua provides a blow-down variety with six heat pipes and a 140 mm fan. That was the NH-C14, and it is quite a cooler. So, what’s new? The NH-C14S (note the change in the model number), with the finstack moved over to make room for cards in the top PCIE slot. How well does this heatsink cool? Let’s find out. Read More

Noctua NH-L12 Heatsink Review

Whether they are for HTPC’s or simply for taking up less room on the desktop, products designed for slim form factor cases are in high demand. CPU heatsinks for cases like this typically blow air down on the motherboard, cooling not only the CPU, but the various components on the motherboard as well. Noctua has responded with five down-blowing CPU heatsinks. This review will focus on the middle model, the Noctua NH-L12. As usual for Noctua heatsinks, it is designed for flexible fan mounting. The fans are controlled by your motherboard through silent PWM circuits. Read More

Thermalright True Spirit 140 Heatsink Review

Coming up today is the second of three new heatsinks Thermalright has released recently. Last October, I reviewed the HR-02 Macho, which is a re-spin of the original HR-02 that is priced much lower than the original. Today we will be looking at a totally new design, the True Spirit 140. Like the Macho, the True Spirit 140 will have an MSRP of $39.95, but it’s design philosophy is a bit different. We will be seeing if it can deliver performance comparable or better to the Macho and also to Thermalright’s more expensive premium offerings. Read More

Three Premium Heatsinks Revisited

This isn’t so much a formal review as an opportunity to revisit some heatsinks tested in my first review here. My test system has changed quite a bit since then, so it is time to re-examine some of the top coolers available. Read More