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Tested with Phenom II X6 1090T overclocking… I got in touch with a friend and he agreed to let me take one of his cooling pots for a spin. Aaron Schradin of has lent me an excellent pot to play around with and review for all of you guys. This pot is usually meant for the purpose of running under LN2 and LHe4. This is seen in the many AMD world record breaking overclocking attempts, which can all be seen over at However I will be playing around with the dry ice performance of this pot, which has mostly gone overlooked until now. Includes exclusive video. See it first here! Read More

DVD Drive Window Mod Tutorial

The goal of this mod is to put an acrylic window on to the top of a drive so you can see it operating. Obviously this is pointless unless you can see the top of the drive in the case, but if you can then it looks pretty neat! Read More

Corsair Labs 2009: Home Theater PC Build Log

In December of 2007, Corsair Labs took a look at building a high definition Home Theater PC, or HTPC. Since that time, several exciting new technologies and innovations have become available that give us cause to revisit the the topic.

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Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks

It has been a while since Windows 7 has been out in one form or another. Now that it has been released to retail, we thought it would be nice to share a collection of tips and tweaks with everybody else!
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