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In Win Commander III "Desert Fox" 700 W Power Supply Review

We’ve got a military themed PSU here, the In Win Commander III Desert Fox 700 W. The full name is a bit of a mouthful, the Desert Fox nickname hails from WW2, and the box has digital cammo on it. A bit of an odd combination, but definitely unique. The real questions in my mind are, did In Win think about who the Desert Fox was? Will this unit emerge victorious or die trying? Is it really desert tan? Am I drawing this excerpt out too far? For answers to most of these questions, read the review! Read More

CES 2013: In Win Shows Off Innovative D-Frame & H-Frame Cases

Ever since seeing In Win’s unique X-Frame Benching Station, I’ve been really intrigued with their case designs. This year at CES, In Win did not disappoint, unveiling two incredible new products, the D-Frame and H-Frame limited edition cases. The manufacturer also had several power supplies on display. Read More

InWin Green Me 750 W Power Supply Review

The Green Me series is aimed at a very tough market indeed, the mid-range wattage mid-range efficiency market. It sports 80+ Bronze certification and comes in power outputs of 550 W, 650 W and 750 W. Along with being aimed at a market best described as “tough”, the Green Me is also aimed at being green. Read More

InWin Glacier 900W 80+ Gold Power Supply Review

Today, we’re looking at InWin’s new Glacier 900 W power supply. It’s an 80+ Gold rated, modular cabled unit with a nice looking spec sheet and a staggeringly long seven year warranty. Sounds pretty good to me! I’ll give it a taste of hell with my load tester, peer into its secret high frequency workings with my oscilloscope, and lastly crack it open to see if any wooly mammoths are inside the glacier. If I don’t find frozen mammoths, I’ll look at the build quality and see what components were used. Read More

IN WIN Griffin Case Review

Computer cases have been around since the pc age and now it’s a huge market geared towards the pc builder. There is literally a plethora of brands, sizes, styles and colors to choose from. IN-WIN has been around for quite sometime no doubt, and their quote states: “Contemporary & Innovative”

Today we’re going to take a look at IN-WIN’s new GRIFFIN Yellow Mid Tower case. Read More