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Premium Gaming Headset Showdown

Many headphone and peripheral manufacturers today are creating headsets with gamers in mind. The higher-end gaming headsets tend to offer features such as simulated surround sound, wireless capabilities, equalizer profiles for different types of games, physical customization, improved comfort, and better sound than their more budget-friendly counterparts. In this article, I will be reviewing several different headsets from multiple companies: Logitech (G930), Sennheiser (G4ME One), SteelSeries (Siberia v3 Prism, Elite Prism, H Wireless), and Turtle Beach (Elite 800). Read More

Sleeping Dogs (PC) Review

Sleeping Dogs is a game that almost did not come to fruition. Fortunately Square Enix picked up the game and with the help of developer United Front Games, re-tooled it to try to reach the high standards set by GTA4. In this review I will discuss the story, gameplay, graphics, and display some performance numbers with my AMD HD7970. Read More

Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 GPU Heatsink Review

Arctic is one of the most well-known manufacturers of heatsinks for both graphics cards and processors, as well as a popular producer of thermal paste and case fans. In this review we will be looking at Arctic’s flagship air graphics heatsink, the Accelero Xtreme 7970. Read More

Cooler Master Storm Quickfire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cooler Master is a company that branches out into multiple facets of the computing experience; with their product lines including cases, power supplies, coolers, fans, and peripherals like keyboards and mice. In this article I will be reviewing the Cooler Master Storm Quickfire TK mechanical keyboard (with Cherry MX Red switches). Read More

Arctic Accelero Hybrid 7970 GPU Cooler

Today we will be taking a look at Arctic’s venture into a closed-loop cooling solution – the Accelero Hybrid 7970. Supporting a dozen AMD video cards ranging from the HD 5830 through the HD 7970 (with some exceptions) this cooler is set to be marketed as their flagship cooling solution. Read More

SteelSeries Sensei: MLG Edition Mouse Review

SteelSeries is one of the premier gaming peripheral manufacturers in the world, with products ranging from keyboards and headphones to mice and mouse pads. As one of the prominent sponsors for E-Sports, SteelSeries brought in two dozen professional gamers to weigh-in on what features of a mouse are the most important. SteelSeries used this feedback to craft the SteelSeries Sensei. Read More