Gigabyte Reveals AMD Ryzen Powered Gaming Laptops

Gigabyte has recently unveiled two mid-grade gaming laptops equipped with AMD’s Ryzen 5000-series mobile CPUs and Nvidia’s 30-series mobile GPUs. They have been named A5 and A7 and the latter features a Ryzen 9 5900HX mobile processor and RTX 3070 laptop GPU.  Specifications on the A5 are still unknown but should be available soon. More information and specs can be found below in Gigabyte’s press release as well as the link to the Gigabyte website. Read More

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ADATA Supreme DDR3-1333 Laptop RAM Review

With systems getting smaller and smaller, many are having to rely on laptop memory sticks (SO-DIMM) to fit everything on the motherboard. So, when you change over to one of these tiny systems, are you compromising your ability to tweak and tune the system for it’s top performance? Luckily, the answer is: not necessarily. With any luck, these ADATA Supreme DDR3-1333 sticks can live up to their name. Read More