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Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 6

We are in the home stretch of this series. We have explored some great games based on some interesting technology. When I started conceptualizing these articles I had no idea how well supported Linux is becoming in the indie game development world. Some of these games, such as today’s candidate, show some great promise but may struggle because the developers are relatively unknown. Thus, I thought we might spend some time to get to know the folks over at Photon Productions. Read More

Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 4

By now, most people following this series will be well aware of what Kickstarter is, and what it could potentially mean for Linux and the gaming community as a whole. Today, I talked with Executive Producer Jan Wagner who has perhaps one of the most challenging assignments. Not in terms of technology, but rather Jan has chosen to attempt to translate a Pen and Paper RPG into the digital realm. Read More

Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about what Kickstarter was, and how it has helped developers create games which may not have otherwise existed. Wasteland 2 is a prime example of this. Funded nearly half a year ago, the sequel to Wasteland was more than 2 decades overdue. While I could attempt to explain why Wasteland 2 took so long coming to fruition, their Kickstarter video quite humorously details Brian Fargo’s own feelings on the subject. Read More

Reflections on Linux Certifications

Certifying for the Linux platform is becoming more important for system administrators. As businesses continue to not only recognize, but prioritize, open source software throughout their infrastructure. Read More

ATI Driver Installation in Linux

Scared to use an ATI card in Linux? Had a horrible experience with ATI in Linux that resulted in 2 smashed keyboards, a broken Ubuntu 8.04 LiveCD, and three trips to your family psychiatrist? Well I did, well maybe not THAT bad, but really close. Since I started using Linux roughly two years ago, I always ran it without 3D video drivers because ATIs drivers were so hard to install and configure. I started out using Ubuntu, I believe it was 8.04, with my brand spankin’ new ATI 4870 and it was tearing it up in Windows, but as soon as I started dual booting Windows and Ubuntu, it all came crashing down. So this article is dedicated to all those broken keyboards and LiveCDs. Read More