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ASUS Maximus VII Impact Motherboard Review

With the release of the Maximus VII Impact, ASUS looks to improve on what many people considered the best available mITX motherboard in the Maximus VI Impact. Other than the obvious update to the Z97 chipset, the Maximus VII Impact offers several other noteworthy improvements that we’ll explore today. ASUS is out to prove again that good things can indeed come in a small package. Let’s go find out if they succeeded! Read More

ASUS Announces Upcoming Chipset Motherboard Lineup

Ahead of the official launch day for Intel’s upcoming chipset release, we have some news to share regarding ASUS motherboard offerings designed around this new chipset. We’re limited to talking about ASUS specific features here as not to break our NDA with Intel. With that in mind, we’ll share what we can! Read More