Alphacool Launches XT45 and UT60 Dual-Flow and ST25 92mm Radiators

Today, Alphacool launched four new radiators for the NexXxoS series, the XT45 Dual-Flow 360 mm, UT60 Dual-Flow 360 mm, ST25 92 mm, and the ST25 92 mm Dual. All four feature a full copper pre-chamber, cooling channels, and cooling fins. The XT45 and UT60 Dual-Flow 360 mm radiators are designed around Alphacool’s X-Flow concept and create two separate cooling chambers. This design is marketed for server applications where space is severely limited.
The ST25 92 mm and ST25 92 mm Dual (184 mm) radiators are compact and perfect for cooling the growing trend of mini-PCs and small form factor (SFF) applications. All four products are currently available on the Alphacool website. Prices are listed below in the press release. Read More

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Alphacool Releases Five New Radiators

This week Alphacool has released five new radiators to their already impressive NexXxoS line-up. Expanding on their 140mm and 200mm capabilities are the XT45 Full Copper 1260mm SuperNova, XT45 Full Copper 1080mm Nova, XT45 Full Copper 200mm,  XT45 Full Copper 400mm, and ST30 Full Copper 560mm radiator V.2. Read More