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AMD Wraith CPU Cooler Review

It’s nice to see AMD taking the initiative in releasing some upgraded “stock” coolers with their CPUs. Those in the enthusiast community likely have a shelf full of “stock” coolers from both AMD and Intel that due to their lackluster performance have never been used. Starting in February, AMD announced the Wraith cooler, which came bundled with the AMD FX 8370 and the AMD A10-7890K. They have now expanded the Wraith CPU cooler availability to the AMD FX 8350 and the AMD FX 6350. Read More

Intel Preparing Ivy Bridge-E for September Release

3 SKUs, early September release. That is what the rumor mill has to say about Intel’s upcoming high-performance desktop parts codenamed Ivy Bridge-E. The new parts will use the existing X79 chipset, support quad-channel memory and fit the 130W thermal envelope. Read More

To 'ES' or not to 'ES'? That is the HWBOT question...

A hot topic on the benchmarking scene has developed in the form of a HWBOT forum poll created by BenchZowner to discuss whether or not to continue to allow Engineering Sample CPUs as boint scoring hardware. For those that may not know, an ES chip is one that is not released to the public, cannot be sold (legally), and can be coveted for its potential overclocking performance over retail chips. A lot of the sponsored overclockers use these chips and can potentially score more boints than an average joe that is using an unbinned retail chip, which is essentially the heart of the matter. Read More

Downcore That CPU

In the later parts of Summer 2009, I was in an overclocking competition. Someone was talking about lowering the number of cores so that they could increase the overall speed of the CPU. This made sense, sort of.
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Core i7 Head-to-Head: 1156 vs. 1366

With the release of P55 and Lynnfield, it begged the question of how they stack up to X58 and Bloomfield. Are socket 1156 Core i7s worthy of being called Core i7?
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Low Cost AMD 4 Core Review

Four Cores for $100: Athlon II X4 630 and Athlon II X4 620 CPU Review by Xbit Labs – a good review on AMD’s cheapy 4 core CPUs. The bottom line: You get what you pay for. Read More