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NZXT Kraken X31 AIO Cooler Review

It seems like everyone is getting into the All-In-One CPU cooler business these days. Even the well-established case- and accessory-maker NZXT has gotten into the act, offering the Kraken line of CPU coolers. The Kraken lineup comes with room for one or two fans, at 120 mm and 140 mm. They always cool well in reviews. But the updated line promise to cool quietly as well. So let’s have a look at the X31, shall we? Read More

Cooler Master N600 Case Review

Cooler Master is known for affordable cases that provide excellent airflow, with the potential for more airflow if you add fans. The N600 is a new Cooler Master case that has a number of promising features. Let us do a deep dive and explore this case. Read More

Skinnee Labs Review Phobya G-Changer 360 v1.2

The G-Changer is not a copy of a similarly named radiator; the only thing similar is the name. The performance of the G-Changer is targeted for medium speed fans versus higher speed, which is probably where the bulk of us run our fans. Read More

Thermochill TA120.3 Review

Thermochill, a name that has been synonymous in radiator performance thanks to the long-standing PA series has released a new full line of 120mm radiators. Testing and performance results from Read More

Annual Water Cooling Cleaning and Rebuild Journal

Properly maintaining a water cooling loop is critical for great long term performance. So I documented my rebuild and my thoughts as I worked my way through it. My rig is pretty complex, but the basics are the same for any water cooling loop. The rig was first built March 2009. I drained and refilled per at least the six month window, and rebuilt my loop starting on January 8, 2010, so a bit less than one year since my rig was built. Read More