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ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Review

A few months ago we looked at the Crosshair IV Formula, what was then ASUS’ top of the line AMD motherboard. Now they’ve out-done themselves with the Crosshair IV Extreme. This one is definitely designed for extreme benchmarkers, so take it to extremes we did! Read More

Re-Lighting Patriot's Inferno

Another look at Patriot’s Inferno 100G SSD – this time with AHCI. While we’re here, let’s throw in a chipset comparison for good measure. AHCI vs. IDE and Intel vs. AMD on a SandForce-based SSD! Read More

Touring the AMD 890FX Chipset and Athlon II 640 CPU

This article is a quick precursor for our upcoming review of the ASUS Crosshair IV Formula, which houses AMD’s newest chipset, consisting of the 890FX northbridge and SB850 southbridge. The CPU used in that review will be AMD’s recently released Athlon II 640, so we’ll have a look at that too. Read More